Folder List

  1. Obituaries; 1943
  2. Correspondence; 1927
  3. Ledger Containing "Notes on Some Types of Fishes in U.S. National Museum" and "General Museum Notes"; 1914
  4. Ledger Containing "Record of Supplies and Equipment" and "Record of Field Numbers and Tags" -California Fish and Game Commission?; 1919-1923
  5. Notebook of Fish Family Names?; n.d.
  6. Article in The Gull about lecture by Snyder; June 1924
  7. Maps -
    Rand McNally Pocket Map of Idaho (1891)
    Rand McNally Pocket Map of Montana (1912)
    Rand McNally Pocket Map of Utah (1911)
    Rand McNally Pocket Map of Washington (1892)
    Rand McNally Official Auto Road Map of California and Nevada (1927)
    Reprint of the 1850 "Jackson's Map of California" (1936)
  8. Fishhooks Used on Klamath River (2); 1919
  9. Library Staff Notes

Articles by John Otterbein Snyder

  1. "A Catalogue of the Shore Fishes Collected by the Steamer Albatross about the Hawaiian Islands in 1902"; 1904
  2. "The Fauna of Russian River, California, and Its Relation to That of the Sacramento"; Feb. 1908
  3. "Relationships of the fish Fauna of the Lakes of Southeastern Oregon"; Sept. 1908
  4. "Notes on Two Rare California Fishes, Rimicola Eigenmanni and Plagiogrammus Hopkinsi"; Oct. 1908
  5. "Notes on a Collection of Fishes Made by Dr. Edgar A. Mearns from Rivers Tributary to the Gulf of California"; Dec. 1915
  6. "Notes on Hawaiian Lizards"; Oct. 1917
  7. "An Account of Some Fishes from Owens River California"; Dec. 1917
  8. "Three New Whitefishes from Bear Lake Idaho and Utah"; May 1919
  9. "Notes on Some Western Fluvial Fishes Described by Charles Girard in 1856"; 1921
  10. "The Return of Marked King Salmon Grilse"; Apr. 1922
  11. "A Second Report on the Return of King Salmon Marked in1919, in Klamath River"; Jan. 1923
  12. "Notes on Certain Catostomids of the Bonneville System, Including the type of Pantosteus Virenscens Cope"; 1924
  13. "Salmon of the Klamath River California"; 1931
  14. "California Trout"; Apr. 1933
  15. "A New California Trout"; Apr. 1934