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  1. Letter to C.G. Brewster; 1873
  2. "List of Papers.Chiefly on the Conchology of North America" by Robert E.C. Stearns; Jan. 1878
  3. Bibliography of Scientific Writings by Stearns, with Biographical Sketches; 1911
  4. Specimen Lists; n.d.
  5. Academy Staff Notes and Correspondence; n.d., 1974-1975, 1986

Articles by Robert E.C. Stearns

  1. "Economic Value of Certain Australian Forest Trees, and Their Cultivation in California"; July 1872
  2. "On the Vitality of Certain Land Mollusks"; Oct. 1875
  3. "Aboriginal Shell Ornaments, and Mr. E.A. Barber's Paper Thereon"; Aug. 1877
  4. "Remarks on Fossil Shells from the Colorado Desert"; Mar. 1879
  5. "Observations on Planorbis"; 1881
  6. "On Helix Aspersa in California, and the Geographical Distribution of Certain West American Land-Snails, and Previous Errors Relating Therto, &c."; May 1881
  7. "Forest Tree Culture in California"; Apr. 1882
  8. "On the Growth of Certain California Forest Trees and the Meteorological Inferences Suggested Thereby"; Apr. 1882
  9. "On the History and Distribution of the Fresh Water Mussels and the Identity of Certain Alleged Species"; Nov. 1882
  10. "Bad Air and Bad Water Certain Soures [sic] of Disease"; Apr. 1, 1883
  11. "Parasites in Drinking Water"; Apr. 16, 1883
  12. "Zoological Scraps - From a Californian Note-Book"; July 1883
  13. "Whitewashing Trees - Uses of Lime, Etc."; Aug. 1, 1883
  14. "The Mulberry as a Useful and Ornamental Tree"; Aug. 15, 1883
  15. "The Fluke-Worm Parasite"; Sept. 1, 1883
  16. "On the Shells of the Colorado Desert and the Region Farther East"; Oct. 1883
  17. "Ginseng, the Chinese Panacea"; Oct. 1, 1883
  18. "Care of Swine - Diseased Pork, Etc."; Nov. 15, 1883
  19. "The Sunflower"; Dec. 1, 1883
  20. "The Camass or Kamass"; Jan. 1, 1884
  21. "Scientific Results of Explorations by the U.S. Fish Commission Steamer Albatross: XVII - Descriptions of New West American Land, Fresh-Water, and Marine Shells, with Notes and Comments"" 1890
  22. "Instances of the Effects of Musical Sounds on Animals"; Jan. 1890
  23. "List of North American Land and Fresh-Water Shells Received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with Notes and Comments Thereon"; 1891
  24. "List of Shells Collected on the West Coast of South America, Principally Between Latitudes 7 30' S. and 80 49' N., by Dr. W.H. Jones, Surgeon, U.S. Navy"; 1891
  25. "On Rare or Little Known Mollusks from the West Coast of North and South America, with Descriptions of New Species"; 1893
  26. "Preliminary Report on the Molluscan Species Collected by the United States Scientific Expedition to West Africa in 1889-'90"; 1893"
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  28. "Notes on Recent Collections of North American Land, Fresh Water, and Marine Shells Received from the U.S. Department of Agriculture"; 1894
  29. "The Shells of the Tres Marias and Other Localities Along the Shores of Lower California and the Gulf of California"; 1894
  30. "Urosalpinx Cinereus in San Francisco Bay"; June 1894
  31. "Description of a Species of Actaeon from the Quaternary Bluffs at Spanish Bight, San Diego, California"; 1898
  32. "Notes on Cytherea (Tivela) Crassatel Loides Conrad, with Descriptions of Many Varieties"; 1898
  33. "Eucalypts Cultivated in the United States"; May 1903
  34. "Eucalypts in the Philippines"; Oct. 1903
  35. "In Memory of Marcus Baker"; 1904
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  38. "The U.S. Coast Survey Expedition to Alaska in the Year 1867"; July 1907