Folder List

  1. Photographic Portrait; n.d.
  2. Correspondence from James Lewis; 1874-1875 (Tipped into place of pages removed from The California Digest of Masonic Law. - Collated by Lorenzo Gordin Yates; 1867)
  3. "Catalogue of L.G. Yates' Collection - Part I. Foreign Land and Fresh Water Shells"; 1885
  4. "Catalogue of Land and Fresh Water Shells in L.G. Yates' Collection"; 1886
  5. "Catalogue of Fossils in Lorenzo G. Yates' Collection"; 1886
  6. Lists of Shells for Exchange by Yates - "California and Other West Coast Shells", "Land & Fresh Water Shells of Eastern North America", "British Shells", and "Jamaica Shells"; n.d.
  7. "County Museum Planned by Heir to Yates Collection" [Newspaper Article]; 1938
  8. Articles about Yates by Charles L. Camp; 1963
  9. Library Staff Notes

Articles by Lorenzo G. Yates

  1. "Channel Islands"; n.d.
  2. "Notes on the Geology and Scenery of the Islands Forming the Southerly Line of the Santa Barbara Channel"; Jan. 1890
  3. "A New Variety of Helix Carpenteri from Southern California"; Sept. 1890
  4. Published Letter to the President of the American Association of Conchologists; 1891
  5. "The Marine Algae of Santa Barbara County, California"; Jan. 1902