1A-Animal without a shell. Use Key F

1B-Animal with a shell.

2A-Shell height greater than shell width.

3A-Shell height more than 3 times the shell width. Skinny shells. Use Key A

3B-Shell height not more than 3 times width.

4A-Shell shape is conical. Use Key B

4B-Shell shape not conical.

5A-Shell shape is bulimoid. Use Key C

5B-Shell shape is fusiform; columella truncated; size large. Euglandina rosea (h 76 w 27.5 mm)

2B-Shell height equal to or less than shell width.

6A-Shell height almost equal to width. (Heliform) Use Key D

6B-Shell height less than shell width. (Depressed) Use Key E


(Shell size medium)

1A-Columella straight.

2A-Shell with radial ribs; periphery outline round; size medium. Curvella poutiersi (h 12.2 w 3.2 mm)

2B-Shell without radial ribs. Lamellaxis gracilis (h 10 w 3 mm)

1B-Columella truncated.

3A-Shell surface with projections; periphery outline flat. Subulina mamillata (h 19-21 w 4.5 mm)

3B-Shell surface smooth; periphery outline round. Subulina octona (h 12-20, w 3-5 mm)


1A-Lip reflected; aperture shape not elongated vertically; shell medium to large.

2A-Shell with round aperture; weak radial color pattern; size large; periphery outline round. Hainesia crocea (h 30+ w __ mm)

2B-Shell with elongated aperture; strong growth lines; size medium; periphery outline flat. Streptostele manumbensis (h 26.3, w 7.2 mm)

1B-Lip straight; aperture shape elongated vertically; shell large. Clavator eximius (h 120, w 40 mm)



1A-Columella truncated; radial color pattern. Achatina fulica (h 94-123 w 45-60 mm)

1B-Columella not truncated;

2A-Aperture height less than half shell height; spiral and/or radial color pattern.

3A-Shell lip straight; shell solid; size more than 40 mm. Leucotaenius favannii (h 60 w 32.8 mm)

3B-Shell lip reflected; shell fragile; size less than 40 mm. Edentulina ovoideus (h 31.5 w 16 mm)

2B-Aperture height greater than half shell height; spiral pattern only. Helicophanta farafanga (h 92 w 70 mm)


1A-Shell with a color pattern.

3A-Shell with a single spiral band.

4A-Shell perforate; aperture shape not round. Bradybaena similaris (h 10-12 w 14-18 mm)

4B-Shell wide umbilicate; aperture shape round.

5A-Shell with a single band below periphery; shell white. Tropidophora semidecussata var. semidecussata (h 10-30 w __ mm)

5B-Shell with a single band on periphery; shell not white. Tropidophora semidecussata var. volvuloides (h 10-30 w __ mm)

3B-Shell with more than one spiral band.

8A-Spire pointed; lip red; spiral ridges(?) Acroptychia aequivoca (h 10-30 w __ mm)

8B-Spire not pointed;

10A-Shell perforate.

11A-Shell keeled; size over 30 mm. Tropidophora tricarinata var. bicarinata (h 35 w 76 mm)

11B-Shell not keeled; size less than 30 mm. Tropidophora perientensis (h 18 w 17 mm)

10B-Shell wide umbilicate. Spiral bands same width and color above and below periphery. Tropidophora semidecussata var. aplustre (h 20-27 w 23-31 mm)

1B-Shell without a color pattern; perforate; size medium. Bradybaena similaris (h 10-12 w 14-18 mm)


1A-Size less than 30 mm.

2A-Shell with spiral bands.

3A-Shell with single spiral band.

4A-Shell periphery outline angular.

5A-Shell with weak or no growth lines. Kalidos balstoni (h 14.5 w 29 mm)

5B-Shell with strong growth lines. Kalidos cleamsi (h 17 w 26 mm)

4B-Shell periphery outline round.

6A-Lip straight Kalidos hova (h 15 w 25 mm)

6B-Lip expanded. Bradybaena similaris (h 10-12 w 14-18 mm)

3B-Shell with multiple spiral bands.

7A-Shell perforate; aperture not round. Kalidos ekongensis (h 12 w 22 mm)

7B-Shell wide umbilicate; aperture round.

8A-Spiral bands below periphery not darker than those above periphery. Tropidophora semidecussata var. macareae (h 19 w 30 mm)

8B-Spiral bands below periphery darker that those above periphery.

9A-Less than 8 bands; lip greatly reflected. Tropidophora semidecussata var. pauluccioides (h 22 w 33 mm)

9B-More than 8 bands; lip moderately reflected. Tropidophora semidecussata paulucciae (h 13 w 20.5 mm)

2B-Shell unicolor; perforate.

10A-Periphery outline angular. Ampelita ranomafana (h 13 w 28 mm)

10B-Periphery outline round

11A-Aperture shape elongated horizontally. Kalidos balstoni (h 14.5 w 29 mm)

11B-Aperture shape not elongated horizontally.

12A-Shell less than 12 mm. Macrochlamys stumpfi (h 7 w 11.5 mm)

12B-Shell more than 12 mm. Bradybaena similaris (h 10-12 w 14-18 mm)

1B-Size greater than 30 mm.

13A-Shell with a color pattern.

14A-Color pattern radial and/or radial and spiral. Ampelita watersi (h 18 w 41 mm)

14B-Color pattern spiral.

15A-Shell with single spiral band.

16A-Whorls rapidly expanding. Helicophanta souverbiana var. audiberti (h 43 w 77 mm)

16B-Whorls loosely expanding; wide umbilicate.

17A-Shell periphery outline round.

18A-Shell with strong growth lines.

19A-Shell size more than 35 mm. Ampelita duvalii (h 22 w 41 mm)

19B-Shell size less than 35 mm. Ampelita percyana (h 18 w 31 mm)

18B-Shell with weak or no growth lines. Ampelita sepulcralis var. sepulcralis (h 20-23 w 39-48 mm)

17B-Shell periphery outline angular. Ampelita xystera (h 28 w 57.5-63 mm)

15B-Shell with more than one spiral band

20A-Whorls rapidly expanding.

21A-Shell with two wide spiral bands; imperforate. Helicophanta souverbiana var. “2” (h 57 w 78 mm)

21B-Shell with more than two spiral bands.

22A-Shell with 4 or 5 wide spiral bands; imperforate. Helicophanta souverbiana var. souverbiana (h 45 w 70-80 mm)

22B-Shell with multiple narrow bands above and below periphery.

23A-Shell is perforate with a darker band on periphery and another above (these may be raised). Helicophanta bicingulata (h 35 w 76 mm)

23B-Shell is imperforate with 5 bands above periphery which are darker. Helicophanta ibaraoensis (h 50 w 77 mm)

20B-Whorls loose coiling; wide umbilicate.

24A-Single dark band on periphery with light band above. Ampelita duvalii (h 22 w 41 mm)

24B-Shell with two or more dark spiral bands.

25A-Shell with two spiral bands. Ampelita sepulcralis var. olivacea (h 20-25 w __ mm)

25B-Shell with more than three spiral bands. Ampelita sepulcralis var. sepulcralis (h 20-23 w 39-48 mm)

13B-Shell without a color pattern.

26A-Shell imperforate; coiling rapidly expanding.

27A-Lip reflected Helicophanta souverbiana var. souverbiana (h 45 w 70-80 mm)

27B-Lip straight Helicophanta gargatua (h 79 w 91 mm)

26B-Shell not imperforate; coiling loose.

28A-Lip straight; umbilicate.“Rhytida” covani (h 16 w 36 mm)

28B-Lip reflected; wide umbilicate.

29A-Shell with first and/or last whorl white. Ampelita sepulcralis var. alba (h 20-25 w __ mm)

29B-Whorls not white.

30A-Aperture periphery outline angular. Ampelita xystera (h 28 w 57.5-63 mm)

30B-Aperture periphery outline round.

31A-Shell color black; aperture bluish-white inside. Ampelita sepulcralis var. lethifera (h 20-25 w ___ mm)

31B-Shell color not black. Ampelita sepulcralis var. sepulcralis (h 20-23 w 39-48 mm)



1A-Mantle covers entire animal.

2A–Ridge on edge of mantle. Worldwide tropics. VERONICELLIDAE (9 Madagascar species of Vagulina)

2B–No ridge on edge of mantle. South Africa CHLAMYDEPHORIDAE (Madagascar potential)

1B-Mantle not covering entire animal. Africa. UROCYCLIDAE (Six Madagascar species of Urocyclus)