Unfortunately there is no simple introduction to land snails. The following list contains the major works dealing with the Madagascar fauna plus a general reference.

Abbott, R. Tucker 1989 “Compendium of landshells: A color guide to more than 2,000 of the world’s terrestrial shells”. Melbourne, FL: American Conchologists, Inc., 240 pp. About the only popular landsnail book available. Has a general introduction and pictures of many Madagascar snails.

Dupou, Jacques 1965 “Mollusques terrestres de Madagascar – Urocyclinae de Madagascar, Comorene & Mascarene” in Bulletin du Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, 2nd series, 1965:265-276. A technical report on the slug group Urocyclinae with some drawings. 1966a “Les Veronicellidae de Madagascar, des Comores, des Seychelles, de la Reunion et de l’ile Maurice” in Bulletin du Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, 2nd series, 37:667-677. A technical report of the slug group Veronicellidae without drawings.

Emberton, Kenneth 1994 “Thirty new species of Madagascar land snails (Mollusca: Gastropoda)” in Proceedings Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 145:147-189. Describes 30 new species of tiny snails from Ranomafana. 1999 “New acavid land snails from Madagascar” in American Malacological Bulletin, 15(1):83-96. Describes new species two of which are near Ranomafana.

Fahy, Neil E. 1999 “Madagascar, landsnails, and a dream come true” in American Conchologist, 27(2):6-10. Popular account of my 1998 Madagascar experience and the snails seen.

Fischer-Piette, E. & C. P. Blanc & F. Blanc & F. Salvat 1993 “Faune de Madagascar. 80. Gastropodes terrestres prosobranches. Fauna de Madagascar 80:1-284. Summarizes operculates to 1993. Has locality maps and figures of species. 1994 “Faune de Madagascar. 83. Gastropodes terrestres pulmones (excl. Veronicellidae et g. Elisolimax)”. Faune de Madagascar 83:1-551. Summarizes pulmonates to 1994. Has locality maps and figures of species.

Fischer-Piette, E. & Mme Dragojla Vukadinovic 1973 “Sur les mollesques fluviatiles de Madagascar” in Malacologia, 12(2):339-378. A report on the freshwater snails of Madagascar along with locality maps and illustrations.

Starmuhlner, F. 1969 “Die gastropoden der madagassischen Binnengewasser” in Malacologia,8:1-434. Technical report on freshwater gastropods of Madagascar with locality maps and illustrations.