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CAS 0227-0157   CAS 0227-0157; Jar with rattle, polychrome
Category Pottery; Vessels
Object Name Jar with rattle, polychrome
Culture Maya
Global Region Mexico & Central America
Country Guatemala
State/Prov./Dist. Huehuetenango
Other Geographic Data Site: Chalchitan
Maker's Name Unknown
Date of Manufacture
Collection Name Elgueta Collection (Mayan)
Materials Clay; Pigment
Description Polychrome vessel; Originally, the vessel had four bulbous legs with small, round pedestals, although only three remain; Each leg has three holes; One leg contains a clay rattle inside; The body narrows slightly at the base and is painted with a geometric design of feather-like inverted "V" shapes; These shapes have thick red outlines and unpainted insides each containing three inverted black "U" shapes; Between the red "V" shapes are more inverted "U" shapes with thick black outlines; Below this feather-like design is a woven-looking pattern ringing the middle of the bowl with parallel stripes running from upper right to lower left, ending at parallel stripes running from lower right to upper left, ending at more of the previous pattern, etc., all the way around the vessel; Painted in polychrome colors of red, black, white.
Dimensions (cm) Height = 19.8, Thickness = 0.7, Rim Diam = 11.8, Max Diam = 16.7
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