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Catalog Number CAS 2016-0007-0001   CAS 2016-0007-0001; Jar
Category Pottery
Object Name Jar
Culture Wyandotte
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. Oklahoma
County Ottawa
Other Geographic Data Town: Wyandotte
Maker's Name Richard Zane Smith (b. 18 Aug. 1955)
Date of Manufacture 1984
Collection Name N/A
Materials Clay
Description Large Ancestral Pueblo-style jar with sloping sides that flare upward from the small base to the enclosed, plain rim; Jar walls are extremely thin; Composed of beige earthenware ceramic clay of slightly different shades; Probably kiln-fired; Textured surface designs were created in the construction process to produce a corrugated surface in the Ancestral Pueblo tradition; Corrugation created with single, fine coils that are layered up, leaving the exterior evidence of the coiling, while smoothing the interior; Incised triangular design decorates top of jar from shoulder to rim; Collection history indicates that the artist gathered naturally occurring clay for this piece; Temper grit is visible in the clay body and appears to be basalt sand, similar to that used by some Ancestral Pueblo groups; Signed in pen on base “Richard Zane Smith 84 Wyandotte Descendant.”
Dimensions (cm) Height = 46.0, Rim Diam = 18.6, Max Diam = 50.2
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