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CAS 2016-0009-0007   CAS 2016-0009-0007; Earring
Category Jewelry & Metalwork
Object Name Earring
Culture Pomo, probably
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. California
County Mendocino, Sonoma, Lake
Other Geographic Data unknown
Maker's Name Unknown
Date of Manufacture ca. 1900
Collection Name N/A
Materials Feathers: acorn woodpecker (Melanerpes formicivorus); Metal
Description Single earring made of the rachises of red acorn woodpecker feathers woven into a large flower design pendant from a floral-like cluster; Large flower has six concave ovoid “petals” surrounding three clusters of “carpels”; Petals and carpels are woven separately and sewn together with feather fragments; At top center of flower, between two petals, is a loop which is attached to a second loop at the bottom of the floral-like cluster; A third loop is sewn onto the top of the floral-like cluster and attached to a metal “fish hook” type hook for pierced ears.
Dimensions (cm) Width = 2.9, Thickness = 0.9, Length = 4.8
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