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CAS 0370-1243   CAS 0370-1243; Painting
Category Visual Arts
Object Name Painting
Culture Navajo
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. New Mexico
County Santa Fe
Other Geographic Data City: Santa Fe
Maker's Name Quincy Tahoma (ca. 1920-1956)
Date of Manufacture 1941
Collection Name Elkus Collection (Native American)
Materials Opaque watercolor on paper
Description Painting on gray-brown construction paper entitled "Fire Dance", depicting two Navajo Night Chant dancers encircling large bonfire from which a huge and highly stylized smoke column rises; Dancers wear only breechclouts and have their bodies painted with clay; Dancers brandish flaming torches; Signature "Tahoma 1941" is printed in black paint in lower right corner, beneath a miniature silhouette showing the two dancers; Written on reverse is the following, "Fire Dance, by Quincy Tahoma, Indian School, Santa Fe, New Mexico, price $10.00."
Dimensions (cm) Width = 40.8, Length = 57.0
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