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Catalog Number CAS 1984-0008-0007   CAS 1984-0008-0007; Comb
Category Accessories/Ornaments; Carvings; Tools & Implements
Object Name Comb
Culture Melanesian: ni-Vanuatu
Global Region Oceania
Country Vanuatu (New Hebrides)
State/Prov./Dist. Torba
Other Geographic Data Reef Islets, Banks Islands
Maker's Name Unknown
Date of Manufacture ca. 1920s
Collection Name Rollo Beck Collection (South Pacific)
Materials Wood
Description Large hair comb carved from single piece of wood; Overall shape is rectangular with elongated, spatulate handle; Both faces are planed very smooth; 27 rounded teeth are carved from distal end and they extend approx. half total length of comb; Teeth taper abruptly at distal end to sharp points; "Moia" (possibly "Mota"?) is carved into surface on proximal end of comb; Spatulate handle is constricted near its base and flares out toward its proximal end which is rounded.
Dimensions (cm) Width = 14.4, Thickness = 0.6, Length = 36.5