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CAS 1984-0008-0032   CAS 1984-0008-0032; Ornament or bracelet (boar tusk)
Category Accessories/Ornaments; Jewelry & Metalwork
Object Name Ornament or bracelet (boar tusk)
Culture Melanesian: ni-Vanuatu
Global Region Oceania
Country Vanuatu (New Hebrides)
State/Prov./Dist. unknown
Other Geographic Data unknown
Maker's Name Unknown
Date of Manufacture ca. 1920s
Collection Name Rollo Beck Collection (South Pacific)
Materials Pig tusk
Description Ornament consisting of a boar's tusk which has grown in a nearly complete circle and is unmodified except for a single small hole drilled near its proximal end; To attain such teeth, specially selected pigs in Vanuatu are specially fed and prevented from foraging so they will not break off their tusks; Such tusks are worn as bracelets or pendants and are also used as decorative elements on masks and other ceremonial objects.
Dimensions (cm) Thickness = 1.7, Max Diam = 10.5