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CAS 1984-0008-0236   CAS 1984-0008-0236; Kava cup
Category Culinary Items
Object Name Kava cup
Culture Polynesian: Samoan
Global Region Oceania
Country Samoa
State/Prov./Dist. American Samoa
Other Geographic Data Tutuila Island, Village: Pago Pago
Maker's Name Unknown
Date of Manufacture early 1900s
Collection Name Rollo Beck Collection (South Pacific)
Materials Coconut shell
Description Round shallow kava cup fashioned from a piece of coconut shell; Base of cup is rounded and sides flare out widely; Interior surface is scraped very very smooth and both interior and exterior have been ground or polished smooth; Rim of cup has been cut with a delicate saw-tooth design; Color is dark brown.
Dimensions (cm) Height = 3.0, Max Diam = 11.2