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CAS 1984-0008-0320   CAS 1984-0008-0320; Knife
Category Culinary Items
Object Name Knife
Culture Melanesian: ni-Vanuatu
Global Region Oceania
Country Vanuatu (New Hebrides)
State/Prov./Dist. unknown
Other Geographic Data Northern Vanuatu (probably)
Maker's Name Unknown
Date of Manufacture ca. 1926
Collection Name Rollo Beck Collection (South Pacific)
Materials Wood
Description Carved knife of the type used for cutting and serving pudding-like foods, especially in a ritual context; Carved from single piece of wood, blade and handle are both bi-convex in transverse cross-section and of a uniform thickness; Lateral edges of handle portion are constricted in two points but no other distinction is made between handle and blade area; Double-edged blade is thinned along both lateral edges which expand outward from the final constriction along the handle, then taper very gradually for most of their length before terminating in a rounded point; All surfaces are sanded smooth but do not appear to have been stained.
Dimensions (cm) Width = 3.4, Thickness = 0.7, Length = 29.1