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Catalog Number

CAS 2007-0003-0006   CAS 2007-0003-0006; Cup
Category Culinary Items
Object Name Cup
Culture Polynesian
Global Region Oceania
Country Western Polynesia (?)
Other Geographic Data unknown
Maker's Name Unknown
Date of Manufacture ca. 1920s
Collection Name Rollo Beck Collection (South Pacific)
Materials Coconut shell; Unidentified plant fiber
Description Deep round cup made from hollowed coconut shell from which the top has been removed and the inside scraped clean; Exterior is decorated with deeply incised designs, revealing the natural interior color of the coconut shell; Designs include a double-headed lizard (?) whose shared body extends across the bottom of the cup, a human-like face whose chin rests on the cup’s rim, and a rectangular geometric shape on the cup’s upper side opposite the human face; Carrying strap consisting of a single thin unidentified plant fiber that is dyed red is looped through two holes opposite each other just below the rim.
Dimensions (cm) Height = 9.9, Rim Diam = 9.5, Max Diam = 13.0