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Catalog Number CAS 2012-0003-0017   CAS 2012-0003-0017; Jar
Category Pottery; Vessels
Object Name Jar
Culture Navajo
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. Arizona
County Coconino
Other Geographic Data Navajo Indian Reservation: Community: Cow Springs
Maker's Name Lula Bartlett or Lavina Bartlett
Date of Manufacture ca. 1992
Collection Name N/A
Materials Clay; Piñon pine pitch
Description Small round jar with flat base, rounded lower body, and very tall slightly constricted neck; Interior and exterior surfaces have been scraped smooth on lower half of jar and final 1.5 cm of the neck, while coils on remainder of neck have been scraped smooth only on the interior, leaving the exterior surface unmodified; Exterior and upper portion of interior of neck have been coated with piñon pine pitch; Artist’s initials “LVB” are incised on base. Note: Initials “LVB” on this jar do not coincide with Lorena H. Bartlett’s initials, suggesting it may have been made by one of her daughters, Lula Bartlett or Lavina Bartlett.
Dimensions (cm) Height = 9.6, Rim Diam = 4.5, Max Diam = 6.3