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Catalog Number CAS 2016-0007-0019   CAS 2016-0007-0019; Rattle (katsina)
Category Musical Instruments
Object Name Rattle (katsina)
Culture Hopi
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. Arizona
Other Geographic Data
Maker's Name Edmund Nekwatewa
Date of Manufacture 1970s
Collection Name N/A
Materials Gourd; Wood; Feathers; Paint; Leather; String; Glue
Description Rattle depicting an Ogre Katsina who is responsible for disciplining wayward children; The face is a gourd painted black with prominent white teeth in a red-outlined mouth; Protruding eyes are white circles with black pupils, and there are turquoise and black horns; Red feathers decorate the forehead and a white arrow-like shape is painted in the middle; Seven long, narrow black feathers frame the head; Short black feathers are attached to the back; The wooden handle is cylindrical and painted white; A twisted string loop is attached to the bottom surface of the handle; Signed “E. Nekwatewa” in pencil on the handle; Edmund Nekwatewa, the artist, was an important figure in recent Hopi history and a recognized author.
Dimensions (cm) Height = 27.3, Width = 27.3, Length = 19.5