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Catalog Number CAS 2016-0007-0022   CAS 2016-0007-0022; Katsina
Category Carvings
Object Name Katsina
Culture Hopi
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. Arizona
Other Geographic Data
Maker's Name M. Symptewa
Date of Manufacture Early 1900s
Collection Name N/A
Materials Wood: cottonwood root and other wood; Feathers; Paint; Rattan; String; Dye; Glue
Description Masaumana katsina, a female chief’s aide who personifies the force that gave Hopis their mesas; One-shouldered dress over left shoulder, with vertical stripes of reddish-brown and purple separated with thin white stripes framed with thin black stripes; Painted white belt cinches waist; Sash is painted with blue, green, red, black and white designs; Body and legs are painted reddish-pink; Three wrapped rattan rings over painted black circles represent the eyes and the mouth, with white lines painted onto the black circles; Red, pink, purples and mustard-colored dots cover the white background of the face; Feather headdress of pairs of feathers tied onto sticks extend upward from back of head; This katsina was made in the early 20th century but in 19th century old style version of Masaumana, with old style hands close to the stomach; There is a string loop on back for hanging as the piece was not designed to stand up; Signed “M Symptewa” on underside of dress.
Dimensions (cm) Height = 44.6, Width = 8.6, Length = 8.7