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Catalog Number CAS 2016-0007-0033   CAS 2016-0007-0033; Katsina
Category Carvings
Object Name Katsina
Culture Hopi
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. Arizona
Other Geographic Data
Maker's Name Nelson Kuwanvarya
Date of Manufacture 1985
Collection Name N/A
Materials Wood; Paint; Glue
Description Mana (female) or possibly transgender katsina in active pose, heels slightly elevated and right knee raised; The figure wears a one-shouldered dress over left shoulder has elaborate painted “embroidered” designs; Beneath the dress is a man’s long-sleeved shirt, thus this katsina might be a transgender figure; Dress base is unpainted wood; Painted designs are in green, black, yellow and white; Shirt is white with black designs at wrists and shoulders; Legs are painted mustard yellow and moccasins are turquoise with brown detail and white soles; Figure wears a large, green, carved spruce bough ruff collar, and has a carved black rope slung cross-wise across body, on the opposite shoulder from the dress; Mask is round and black and covered in white tadpole designs; Six carved and painted feathers drape over crown of head; Ears are red with carved white conical earrings; Face is white with an oval frame of mustard yellow, black, white and red; Eyes are shaped like tadpoles; Figure holds a carved rattle in the right hand and gourd in the left, both of which are painted mustard yellow; A carved fringe bracelet is on the right wrist and a carved and painted “turquoise” cuff bracelet adorns the left; Signed “Nelson Kuwanvarya -85-” in ink on base.
Dimensions (cm) Height = 30.2, Width = 8.5, Length = 8.5