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Catalog Number

CAS 2017-0003-0001   CAS 2017-0003-0001; Etching
Category Visual Arts
Object Name Etching
Culture Navajo
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. New Mexico
Other Geographic Data
Maker's Name R. C. Gorman (Rudolph Carl Gorman) (1931 - 2005)
Date of Manufacture 1977
Collection Name N/A
Description Untitled color etching on German copperplate Deluxe paper; Image depicts a woman sitting in partial profile, with feet folded in and legs bent to the side, hands clasped around her feet; Her face is turned to the left of the image, in full profile, while most of her torso is seen; A brown and beige striped textile covers her back and shoulders, over her red blouse; She wears a blue pendant earring in her left ear, and a long white ribbon ties back her grey hair in a knot at the nape of her neck; In the background and foreground are patches of various shades of grey, depicting the shadow she casts; The artist began this work in 1976, completing and marking it in 1977; Signed by the artist in lower left pencil “R.C. Gorman 1977” and “34/40” written in pencil lower right; Workshop chop: blind stamp on back lower left; “34/40” on lower right, “1977” lower left; From a limited edition of three states (1 bon à tirer, 2 printer’s proofs, 40 regular edition, 5 artist’s proofs, 5 hand publisher’s impressions, 7 trial proofs); Published by Hand Graphics, Ltd.
Dimensions (cm) Width = 67.4, Thickness = 0.1, Length = 57.5