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Catalog Number

CAS 0370-1242   CAS 0370-1242; Painting
Category Visual Arts
Object Name Painting
Culture San Ildefonso Pueblo
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. New Mexico
County Santa Fe
Other Geographic Data San Ildefonso Pueblo
Maker's Name Joe Aguilar (Jose Vincente Aguilar, Warm Mountain, Sua Peen) (b. 1924)
Date of Manufacture ca. 1950-1960
Collection Name Elkus Collection (Native American)
Materials Watercolor on watercolor paper
Description Untitled impressionistic painting on white watercolor paper depicting 2 male and 1 female butterfly dancers in single file and shown in 3/4 left profile; Male dancers wear moccasins, leg garters, white kilts, and spruce bough armlets, and feathers in their hair, and each carries additional spruce boughs; Female dancer wears moccasins, woven one-shoulder dress, eagle feather bustle, and wooden tableta and she also carries spruce boughs; Figures are painted very loosely against dark maroon background; Painting is unsigned. Original catalog card indicates this painting was done from a photograph of an actual ceremonial dance. Joe Aguilar (Jose Vincente Aguilar) is the son of Rosalie Simbola Aguilar and Joe Aguilar [José Angeles Aguilar] and the brother of Florence Aguilar Naranjo and Alfred Aguilar, all of whose works are also represented in the CAS collection.
Dimensions (cm) Width = 48.0, Length = 36.8