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CAS 0370-1244   CAS 0370-1244; Painting
Category Visual Arts
Object Name Painting
Culture Navajo
Global Region North America
Country USA
State/Prov./Dist. New Mexico
County Taos
Other Geographic Data Picuris Pueblo
Maker's Name Gerald Nailor (Toy Yah, Toh Ya) (1917-1952)
Date of Manufacture 1937
Collection Name Elkus Collection (Native American)
Materials Opaque watercolor on heavy paper
Description Painting on heavy white paper entitled "Antelope Hunt" depicting two Navajo men on pinto horses chasing 3 antelope; Both men are dressed in high moccasins and breechclouts; One man carries a long spear while the other carries a knife; The antelope are all posed leaping in unison while looking back at the horses and riders; Stylized plants are in the foreground and in the left background; Entire scene is painted in earth tones against plain white background; Signature "Gerald Nailor '37" is printed in salmon-colored paint in lower right corner; Artist's name, tribal affiliation, age (19) and title are written in pencil on reverse.
Dimensions (cm) Width = 38.1, Length = 43.4