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CAS MAM 12881 Berardius bairdii     Ziphiidae
Locality Moores beach, Santa Cruz Lat.-Lon. 36.9630107, -122.0215493 (+-4889 m); Datum: NAD27
Higher Geography North America, USA, California, Santa Cruz Co. Elev.       Prep. Name - Number
Collector Name - Number B. W. Evermann Coll. Date Jun 1925 Acc. No. Alpha No.
Tissue No    Prep. Type Bone sample; SK Age [Sex] adult Std. Length      
Date Received Received From Id Date Id By
Georef. remarks:  Point is on Santa Cruz Municipal Beach; lat-long that of all beaches near Santa Cruz.  Georef. source:  Terrain Navigator 3.02 USGS 1:24,000  Georef. protocol:  not recorded