Actinella Lewis


Frustules biraphid, asymmetrical to the apical and transapical axes. Raphe not evident in valve view, being restricted mostly to the ventral margin, terminal nodules distinct. Striae evident. Valve outlined with noticeable spines. Cells may form zig-zag colonies. Differentiated from Eunotia by asymmetry about the transapical axis.

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Lewis, F.W. 1864. p. 343 [000610]

Generitype: A. punctata Lewis. By monotypy

Designation: Lewis, F.W. Date: 1864 [000610]

General Comments: Bessey (1899) [002651], noting Actinella Lewis was a later homonym of Actinella Persoon 1807 and Actinella Nuttall 1818, proposed Tibiella as a new name for Lewis' genus. Bessey's nomenclatural change was followed by Patrick (1941) [002800] in her treatment of South American species, while later workers, including Hustedt (1952) [000523] and Woodhead & Tweed (1957) [000922], proposed their new taxa with both Actinella and Tibiella as genus names. The name Actinella Lewis was proposed for conservation by Rehder (in Rehder et al. 1935, p. 344) [006639]. It was approved by the Special Committee for Bacillariophyta (Ross 1952, p. 95) [001849] and appeared in the 1952 (Stockholm) Code as unapproved by the General Committee (1954, p. 155) [006638]. Its absence from the Stockholm Code was explained (Anonymous 1954, p. 233) [006640] as awaiting confirmation by the committee on Spermatophyta on Actinella Persoon, the rejected name. They agreed (Rickett 1958, p. 189) [006641]. Neither the General Committee nor a Congress has specifically dealt with this name further. Note that Actinella appeared as a conserved name without a disclaimer in the 1956 (Paris) Code. It, along with the most prior entries, was revised into the current format in the 1961 (Montreal) Code.


Actinella africana Woodhead & Tweed 1957
Actinella brasiliensis Grunow in Van Heurck 1881
Actinella brasiliensis var. cuneata
Actinella brasiliensis var. curta Skvortzow 1929
Actinella brasiliensis var. sierra-leonensis Woodhead & Tweed 1957
Actinella eunotioides Hustedt 1952
Actinella eunotioides var. minor
Actinella fontellii Woodehead & Tweed 1957
Actinella fuseyi
Actinella gessneri
Actinella guianensis Grunow in Van Heurck 1881
Actinella karelica Molder 1951
Actinella leontopithecus-rosalia Costa 1995
Actinella mirabilis Eulenstein ex Grunow in Van Heurck 1881
Actinella penzhica
Actinella peronioides Hustedt 1952
Actinella pliocenica Heribaud & M. Peragallo in Heribaud 1902
Actinella pliocenica var. serpentina Heribaud 1903
Actinella pliocenica var. tenuistriata Heribaud 1903
Actinella punctata Lewis 1864
Actinella punctata var. australis Manguin in Bourrelly & Manguin 1949
Actinella punctata var. australis f. affinis Manguin in Bourrelly & Manguin 1949
Actinella punctata var. curta Woodhead & Tweed 1957
Actinella raytonensis (Cholnoky) Woodhead & Tweed 1957
Actinella robusta Hustedt 1952
Actinella siolii
Actinella spathulifera Woodhead & Tweed 1957
Actinella species 3
Actinella tasmaniensis Hustedt 1952
Actinella theronii (Cholnoky) Woodhead & Tweed 1957

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