Anomoeoneis Pfitzer


Frustules biraphid, lanceolate to elliptical-lanceolate in shape with broadly rounded to capitate apices. Striae distinctly punctate, interrupted by hyaline areas on either side of the axial area. The central area may be symmetrical (appearing lyre-like) or asymmetrical, extending unilaterally to the valve margin in some specimens. Distal raphe end deflections usually distinct.

The concept of Anomoeoneis embraced here is a restricted one, following Round and Mann's separation of the smaller species into the genus Brachysira (Round and Mann 1981; Round et al. 1990). The irregular pattern of striae and hyaline areas on both sides of the axial area separate this genus from Brachysira and Navicula.

Light Microscope Image(s)

Each image is accompanied by the genus and species, California Academy of Sciences slide number (ie. CAS 612010), location of the specimen on the slide, and dimension in microns.