Martyana Round in Round et al.


Frustules araphid, symmetrical to apical axis, asymmetrical to transapical axis (not evident in smaller, elliptical specimens), striae broad, robust. Cells attached, usually to sand grains.

This genus includes freshwater taxa that were previously assigned to Opephora Petit. Like many other freshwater araphid genera (see Fragilaria and Synedra), the species-level taxonomy of Martyana is presently in a state of confusion/flux. See Patrick and Reimer (1966) and Hohn and Hellerman (1963) for species that have been recorded in the U.S. flora.

Light Microscope Image(s)

Each image is accompanied by the genus and species, California Academy of Sciences slide number (ie. CAS 612010), location of the specimen on the slide, and dimension in microns.