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Naviculopsis V.A. Nikolaev 1966, pg. 21
Generitype T: Naviculopsis septata Nikolaev (= Diatomella salena var. septata (Nikolaev) Makarova)
Designated by Nikolaev (003223)
Year Designated 1966
Nomenclatural status valid/illegitimate
Recent revisions Makarova 1968 (ref. 006128)
Comments Type by monotypy. Name already occupied by Naviculopsis Frenguelli 1940 (Silicoflagellate). RCM (ref. 3245), p. 695 indicate that Naviculopsis septata Nikolaev = Diatomella salena var. septata (Nikolaev) Makarova.
Published in

Nikolaev, V.A. 1966  (ref. 3223)

[Genus novum et species nova Naviculopsis septata Nik. (Bacillariophyta)]

Novitates Systematicae Plantarum Non Vascularium (Academia Scientiarum URSS Institutum Botanicum Nomine V.L. Komarovii) (Novosti Sistematiki Nizschikh Rastenii), Vol:1966, 21-23