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Skeletonema R.K. Greville 1865, pg. 43
Generitype T: Skeletonema costatum Cleve 1873, type cons.
Designated by Greville, R.K.(000982)
Year Designated 1865
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions Hasle & Eversen 1976 (ref. 004380), Sims 1994 (ref. 006353)
Comments Type by monotypy. Sometimes misspelled Sceletonema. Skeletonema was established by Greville (1865) for a single species, S. barbadense. Several species of Skeletonema have since then been described, both fossil and living. A proposal to conserve Skeletonema with a new conserved type in order to maintain its use for the group of recent species congeneric with the living species S. costatum (see Ross et al. in Taxon 45:315. 1996) has been recommended by the Committee for Algae (P. Compère, pers. com., 1998). Skeletonemopsis was created by Sims 1994 to accomodate Skeletonema barbadense Greville and other fossil "Skeletonema" species.
Published in

Greville, R.K. 1865  (ref. 982)

Descriptions of new and rare Diatoms. Series XVI.

Transactions of the Microscopical Society, New Series, London, Vol:13, 43-57, pls V & VI