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Arachnoidiscus H. Deane ex G. Shadbolt 1852, p. 49, pl. 11, fig. 1-5
Generitype T: Arachnoidiscus japonicus G. Shadbolt ex A. Pritchard 1852
Designated by ICBN 1996 (ref. 006916), p. 200
Year Designated 1956
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions
Comments Name conserved vs. Arachnodiscus Bailey ex Ehrenberg 1849 (nom. rej.) (see ICBN 1996, ref. 006916, p. 200). No binomials were formed with this genus name in Shadbolt 1852, however an unnamed species is illustrated on pl. 11, fig. 1-5. A description is also given the same year (1852) in Pritchard's Hist. Infus. Ed. 3, 1952 (ref. 001062), a publication posterior to Shadbolt's paper (ref. 000820). One species, Arachnoidiscus japonicus, is included in this genus by Pritchard. ICBN (1956) also gives rejected name Hemiptychus Ehrenb. 1848 (nomenclatural synonym of Arachnoidiscus Bailey ex Ehrenberg).
Published in

Shadbolt, G. 1852  (ref. 820)

On the structure of the siliceous loricae of the genus Arachnoidiscus.

Transactions of the Microscopical Society of London, Vol:3, 49-54, pl. 11.