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Grammatophora C.G. Ehrenberg 1840, pg. 46
Generitype LT: Grammatophora angulosa Ehrenberg 1840
Designated by Boyer, C.S.(000155), p. 154
Year Designated 1927
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Five new species of Grammatophora are described in Ehrenberg 1840 (ref. 000290, p. 72-74): G. africana, G. angulosa, G. mexicana, G. oceanica, G. undulata, and no type is designated. See also Ehrenberg 1840 (ref. 000292), p. 161, where Grammatophora is described as a new genus and 3 new species described: G. oceanica, G. mexicana, G. undulata, and no type designated. It is not obvious which one of 000290 or 000292 was first published (according to ING 1996, ref. 000292 was published Oct. 1840). Also described as new in Ehrenberg 1841, p. 126 (ref. 000953) (ref. 000953 and 000290 are identical except for pagination).
Published in

Ehrenberg, C.G. 1840  (ref. 290)

Über noch zahlreich jetzt lebende Thierarten der Kreidebildung und den Organismus der Polythalamien

Berlin 1840. 94 pp., 4 pls.