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Achnanthosigma L. Reinhard 1882, pg. 298, fig. 1, 2
Generitype T: Achnanthosigma mereshchowskii L. Reinhardt 1882
Designated by Reinhardt, L. (002563)
Year Designated 1882
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Type by monotypy. Farr et al. (1979) give "Achnanthosigma Reinhard 1882, Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou. 57(1): 298, 1882 (ref. 002563)"; SVL gives "Achnanthosigma Reihardt 1883, Journal de Micrographie, p. 298, fig. 1-2 (ref. 000789)". Pages in Journal of Micrographie cited by SVL are erroneous, the correct citation is p. 205, fig. 46, 47. These two papers are very similar, ref. 000789 is in French, ref. 002563 is in German, ref. 002563 was published in 1882 according to Farr et al. 1979 (information not verified). Ref. 000789 was published in 1883.
Published in

Reinhard, L. 1882  (ref. 2563)

Zur Kenntniss der Bacillariaceen des Weissen Meeres

Bulletin de la Société Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou, Vol:57[1], 297-304