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Psygmatella F.T. Kutzing 1834, p. 559 (p. 31 of reprint)
Generitype Not designated
Designated by
Year Designated 0
Nomenclatural status invalid
Recent revisions
Comments The name is presented in Kützing 1834 as a synonym of Exilaria Greville 1827: "Exilaria Grev. (Psygmatella Ktz. in litt. 1831)" all the species included are placed by Kützing in the genus Exilaria. This name is not validly published by Kützing because it is "merely cited as a synonym" (see ICBN Art. 34.1/c). There is an entry for this name in Peragallo 1897 (ref. 001463), p. 775, however it is unclear if he accepted this genus.
Published in

Kützing, F.T. 1833  (ref. 594)

Synopsis Diatomacearum oder Versuch einer systematischen Zusammenstellung der Diatomeen.

Linnaea, Vol:8[5], 529-620, pls. XIII-XIX.