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Amphiprora C.G. Ehrenberg 1843, p. 401
Generitype LT: Amphiprora constricta C.G. Ehrenberg 1843
Designated by Ross in Farr et al. (1979) (ref. 006663), p. 72
Year Designated 1979
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Two species were originally included, A. constricta Ehr. and A. navicularis Ehr., and no type was designated. Descriptions of A. constricta and A. navicularis are found p. 410. Amphiprora constricta is illustrated pl. II/VI, fig. 28. See discussions on genus Amphiprora in Cleve (1891) (ref. 000228), p. 51-54, and Cleve (1895, ref. 000949), p. 13. Boyer 1927, p. 482 (ref. 000946) stated that the type was Navicula alata Ehrenberg according to Kützing, but the latter merely included this species along with Ehrenberg's two original species. In any case, Navicula alata is untenable, not being an original species. Farr et al. 1979, and Round, Crawford & Mann (1990) (p. 683) credit Rabenhorst 1864 (ref. 000775), p. 253, 258, for designating A. constricta as a lectotype; Rabenhorst however made no such designation, neither did Cleve.
Published in

Ehrenberg, C.G. 1843  (ref. 294)

Verbreitung und Einflufs des mikroskopischen Lebens in Süd-und Nord-Amerika

Abhandlungen der Königlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Vol:1841, 291-445, 4 pls