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Opephora P. Petit 1888, pg. 130
Generitype LT: Opephora pacifica (A. Grunow) P. Petit 1888 (=Fragilaria pacifica A. Grunow 1862)
Designated by Patrick in Patrick & Reimer (003167), p. 115
Year Designated 1966
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Three species are included by Petit in the original publication, O. Pacifica (Gr.) Petit, O. pinnata (Ehr.) Petit and O. marina (Greg.) Petit, and no generitype is designated. Van Heurck (1896, ref. 000897, p. 333) and later Boyer (1927, ref. 000155) gave Fragilaria schwartzii Grunow, as the generitype, not an acceptable choice, this species not being one of the original species. Date given in Farr et al. (1979) is 1889.
Published in

Petit, P. 1888  (ref. 751)

Diatomacées. Diatomacées recoltées dans le voisinage du Cap Horn. Mission Scientifique du Cap Horn 1882-1883.

In: "Mission Scientifique du Cap Horn 1882-1883". Tome V, Botanique. P. Hariot, P. Petit, J. Muller d'Argovie, E. Bescherelle, C. Massalongo, A. Franchet (eds.). 400 pp., 33 pls., 3 maps. Gauthier-Villars et Fils, Imprimeurs-Libraires, Paris.  pp. 111-140, pl. 12