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Rossithidium F.E. Round & L. Bukhtiyarova Nov 1996, p. 350
Generitype T: Achnanthes pusilla Grunow in Cleve & Grunow 1880
Designated by F.E. Round & L. Bukhtiyarova, p. 346
Year Designated 1996
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Type by original designation (see p. 346). Comments: Although no type is formally designated after the description of the genus, the statement, p. 346 ("a group of linear valved/parallel striate species typified by Achnanthes pusilla (Grun.) De Toni. These we placed in a new genus Rossithidium...") constitutes designation of the type. Since the name is validly published in this paper, validation of the generic name proposed by Round 1998, p. 181 (ref. 007063) is unnecessary.
Published in

Round, F.E. and Bukhtiyarova, L. 1996  (ref. 6778)

Four new genera based on Achnanthes (Achnanthidium) together with a re-definition of Achnanthidium

Diatom Research, Vol:11[2], 345-361