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Kolbesia F.E. Round & L. Bukhtiyarova ex F.E. Round p. 181
Generitype T: Kolbesia kolbei (Hustedt) F.E. Round & L. Bukhtiyarova ex Fourtanier & Kociolek (basionym: Achnanthes kolbei Hustedt 1930, Süsswasserflora von Mitteleuropa (A. Pascher, ed.), Heft 10, p. 204, fig. 279).
Designated by F.E. Round (007063)
Year Designated 1998
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Original description published by Round & Bukthiyarova 1996, Diat. Research 11(2), p. 354 (ref. 006778), where the name was not validly published because the type was not designated. Round 1998 (ref. 007063), p. 181, attempted to validate the name by designating the type, however, it is somewhat unclear whether the generic name is validated in Round 1998. Round 1998 stated: "For Kolbesia, the type is Achnanthes clevei Hust. (1930) as on p. 354 of Round & Bukhtiyarova 1996". There is no such taxon, however, as Achnanthes clevei Hustedt. We accept (as recommended by P. Silva, pers. com., 1998) the citation "Achnanthes clevei Hust. (1930)" as a lapsus for "Achnanthes kolbei Hustedt 1930"; the generic name Kolbesia may then be validly published in Round 1998 by provision of Art. 33.3 ("Errors of bibliographic citation and incorrect forms of author citation do not invalidate publication of a new combination or avowed substitute").
Published in

Round, F.E. 1998  (ref. 7063)

Validation of some previously published Achnanthoid genera

Diatom Research, Vol:13[1], 181