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Polymyxus J.W. Bailey ex L.W. Bailey 1861, pg. 165
Generitype T: Polymyxus coronalis L.W. Bailey 1861
Designated by Bailey, L.W.(000125)
Year Designated 1861
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Type by monotypy. Authorship in Farr et al. (1979) is L.W. Bailey, however, the authorship as shown above is more accurate. In this paper Loring W. Bailey published his father's (J.W. Bailey) notes, with some interpretation. Genus also described as new in Bailey 1862, p. 341 (ref. 000125). Although the date "1862" is printed on the volume, ref. 007053 was published in September 1861 (according to current internet version of the ING, see ING entry for Ditylum). Althought the date "July 1861" is printed in footnotes of ref. 000125, actual publication date is 1862 (according to current version of the ING, see ING entry for Polymyxus). Navarro & De Periborio (in Europ. J. Phycol. 28, 167-172. 1993), designated the lectotype for P. coronalis.
Published in

Bailey, L.W. 1861  (ref. 7053)

New species of microscopical organisms, chiefly from the River Para

Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History, Vol:8, 162-169