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Arthrogyra C.G. Ehrenberg ex Ralfs in Pritchard 1861, p. 822
Generitype T: not designated
Designated by
Year Designated 0
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Name first introduced in Ehrenberg 1854 (ref. 000966), where 2 species are illustrated (pl. 33/6, figs. 1,2), Arthrogyra guatimalensis (fig. 1) and Arthrogyra semilunaris (fig. 2). There is no mention that this is a new genus, and no generic description is provided. The name is not validly published here because it is lacking a description while containing more than one species (see ICBN 1994, Art. 41, 42). Genus name also mentioned in Ehrenberg 1854 (ref. 000300) p. 363, no. 803. Ralfs in Pritchard (1861), p. 822, made the following comments: "the characters of this genus are unknown to us; but judging from Ehrenberg's figures of the species, it seems to have been constituted for the reception of those forms of Melosira which, like M. dickiei, produce horizontal, elongated, tapering internal bodies or sporangia." We believe that, despite the negative initial statement, the genus Arthrogyra is accepted by Ralfs and that this paragraph constitutes the validating description.
Published in

Pritchard, A. 1861  (ref. 1063)

A history of infusoria, living and fossil: arranged according to Die infusionsthierchen of C.G. Ehrenberg; containing colored engravings, illustrative of all the genera, and descriptions of all the species in that work, with several new ones; to which is appended an account of those recently discovered in the chalk formations. xii.

Edition IV, revised and enlarged by J.T. Arlidge, W. Archer, J. Ralfs, W.C. Williamson and the author. London, Whittaker and Co., 1861. xiii + 968 pp., 40 pls.