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Sphenophora F.T. Kützing 1833, pg. 39 (567)
Generitype not designated
Designated by
Year Designated 0
Nomenclatural status subgenus
Recent revisions
Comments SVL says Sphenophora Ehrenberg 1838 (pub. 000288) p. 216 (subgenus of Gomphonema Agardh). This information is in part erroneous, the name Spenophora appears indeed p. 216 in the German discussion on Gomphonema where it is accredited to Kutzing 1833 and given as a subgenus of Gomphonema. Kutzing 1833 (000594) p. 39 (567) introduced this name as a subgroup within Gomphonema (Kutzing divided Gomphonema Ag. into 3 subgroups a) Cymbophora, b) Paltonophora, c) Sphenophora). Sphenophora is qualified by Kutzing as Gomphonemata genuina (true Gomphonema). Several species are described for the group Sphenophora but no type is given.
Published in

Kützing, F.T. 1833  (ref. 594)

Synopsis Diatomacearum oder Versuch einer systematischen Zusammenstellung der Diatomeen.

Linnaea, Vol:8[5], 529-620, pls. XIII-XIX.