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Cerataulina H. Peragallo ex F. Schutt in Engler & Prantl 1896, pg. 95
Generitype T: Cerataulina bergonii (H. Peragallo) F. Schutt 1896[= Cerataulus (Cerataulina) bergonii H. Peragallo 1892]
Designated by ICBN 1988 (ref. 006921)
Year Designated 1988
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions Hasle & Syvertsen 1980 (ref. 006852)
Comments Name conserved vs. Syringidium Ehrenberg 1845 (nom. rej., taxonomic synonym) (see ICBN 1988, p. 119, ref. 006921). Originally monotypic. Round et al., 1990 (ref. 003245) p. 266 give: "Cerataulina H. Peragallo. Le Diatomiste 1, no. 9:103, 1892" (ref. 000730). ICBN 1956, and subsequent botanical codes give reference as above. Peragallo (1892) (ref. 000730) p. 103, within a paragraph about Cerataulus said (in French): "I reported under this genus a small form.....with the name Cerataulus bergonii. The zone is annulated but I could not observe seams. The two appendices are bearing small spines. The characters of this species perhaps could be distinct enough from those of the true Cerataulus to create a different genus, Cerataulina, characterized by the length always fairly long and the constant annulation of this zone. It is illustrated pl. 1, fig. 15-16 as Cerataulus (Cerataulina) bergonii". It is not validly published in Peragallo 1892 because it was not definitely accepted by the author, and ambiguity as to whether it is a genus or a subgenus. Valid publication in Schütt 1896 (ref. 001512) p. 95 where a German description of Cerataulina Peragallo is given; C. bergonii Peragallo is illustrated p. 96 (fig.165 A-C).
Published in

Schütt, F. 1896  (ref. 1512)

Bacillariales (Diatomeae).

Die natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien. Engler, A. & Prantl, K. (eds.). Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann. Leipzig., Vol:I[1b], 31-150