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Fragilaria H.C. Lyngbye 1819, pg. 182
Generitype LT: Fragilaria pectinalis (O.F. Muller) H.C. Lyngbye 1819 (= Conferva pectinalis Muller)
Designated by Boyer, C.S.(000155), p. 183
Year Designated 1927
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions Williams & Round 1988 (ref. 003171)
Comments Eight species included by Lyngbye, no type originally designated. Williams and Round 1988 (ref. 003171), p. 268, commented on the uncertainty of the application of the name Fragilaria Lybgbye, and speculated that Fragilaria pectinalis may be synonymous with Fragilaria capucina Desmazière. They added that the current concept of the genus is represented by Fragilaria capucina. They were not justified, however, in giving F. capucina as the type of Fragilaria, and conservation may be necessary to preserve current usage.
Published in

Lyngbye, H.C. 1819  (ref. 620)

Tentamen Hydrophytologiae Danicae Continens omnia Hydrophyta Cryptogama Daniae, Holsatiae, Faeroae, Islandiae, Groenlandiae hucusque cognita, Systematice Disposita, Descripta et iconibus illustrata, Adjectis Simul Speciebus Norvegicis.

Hafniae. 248 pp., 70 pls.