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Thalassiothrix P.T. Cleve & A. Grunow 1880, pg. 108
Generitype T: Thalassiothrix longissima Cleve & Grunow 1880 (type cons. prop.)
Designated by
Year Designated 0
Nomenclatural status nom. cons. prop.
Recent revisions Hallegraeff 1986 (ref. 006855), Hasle 1988 (ref. 006858), Hasle & de Mendiola 1967 (ref. 004370), Silva 1993 (ref. 006881)
Comments Cleve & Grunow 1880 described the genus as well as 2 species: Thalassiothrix longissima Cl. & Grun. and Thalassiothrix frauenfeldii Grun in Cleve & Gr., but did not designate a type. The name had been introduced earlier but was not validly published until 1880; Thalassiothrix longissima was mentioned (but not described) in Cleve & Möller 1877 (ref. 000242) no. 14, and in Cleve & Möller 1878 (ref. 001976) no. 125; Thalassiothrix frauenfeldii was mentioned (but not described) in Cleve & Möller 1878 (ref. 001976) no. 145, 146. A lectotype, Thalassiothrix frauenfeldii, was designated by Boyer (1927), p. 214 (ref. 000155). Silva & Hasle 1993 (ref. 006881) proposed to conserve T. longissima as the type for Thalassiothrix, since without conservation, Thalassiothrix would be applicable to the current concept of Thalassionema which would lead to confusion and leave the genus known as Thalassiothrix nameless. Silva & Hasle's proposal is recommended by the Committee on Algae (P. Compère, pers. com., 1998).
Published in

Cleve, P.T. and Grunow, A. 1880  (ref. 241)

Beiträge zur Kenntniss der Arctischen Diatomeen

Kongliga Svenska-Vetenskaps Akademiens Handlingar, Vol:17[2], 121 pp., 7 pls.