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Brebissonia A. Grunow 1860, p. 512
Generitype T: Brebissonia boeckii (C.G. Ehrenberg 1838) O'Meara 1875 (= Cocconema boeckii Ehrenberg 1838)
Designated by ICBN 1956 (ref. 006916), p. 200
Year Designated 1956
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions Mahoney & Reimer 1986 (ref. 006650)
Comments Name conserved vs. Brebissonia Spach 1835 (see ICBN 1956, p. 200, ref. 006916). Two species are cited in Grunow's paper: "Gomphonema naviculoides W. Sm. and Cymbella boeckii Kg.", no transfers are made and no type is designated. See O'Meara 1875 (ref. 000694) p. 337 for a description of Brebissonia Grunow and comments on the genus. Name conserved vs. Brebissonia Spach 1835 (see ICBN 1956, p. 200, ref. 006916). See comments in O'Meara 1875 (000694), p. 337: “the only species of this genus was by Smith described and figured under the name Doryphora boeckii”. O'Meara does not designate a lectotype because removing all species but one from a genus does not constitute lectotypification (see ICBN94 recomm. 9A.5). Preconservation lectotypification of the genus with B. boeckii is found in Taxon 1:95-97. July 1952 (ref. 006922).
Published in

Grunow, A. 1860  (ref. 427)

Ueber neue oder ungenügend gekannte Algen. Erste Folge, Diatomeen, Familie Naviculaceen

Verhandlungen der Kaiserlich-Königlichen Zoologisch-Botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien, Vol:10, 503-582, Tabs III-VII