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Meuniera P.C. Silva in G.R. Hasle & E.E. Syvertsen 1996, p. 339
Generitype LT: Meuniera membranacea (P.T. Cleve) P.C. Silva in Hasle & Syvertsen 1996 (= Navicula menbranacea P.T. Cleve 1897)
Designated by Round, Crawford & Mann (ref. 003245), p. 590.
Year Designated 1990
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Substitute name for Stauropsis Meunier, 1910, non Stauropsis Reichenbach 1860. Type for Stauropsis Meunier was not originally designated, but given in RCM as S. membranacea. Siva gives M. menbranacea (Cleve) Silva as the type of Meuniera.
Published in

Hasle, G.R. and Syvertsen, E.E. 1996  (ref. 6512)

Marine diatoms

In: Tomas, C.R. (ed.), Identifying marine diatoms and dinoflagellates. Academic Press, Inc. pp. 5-385