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Frustulia L. Rabenhorst Mar-May 1853, pg. 50
Generitype T: Frustulia saxonica L. Rabenhorst 1853 (type conserved)
Designated by ICBN 1961, p. 208
Year Designated 1961
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions
Comments Name conserved vs. Frustulia Agardh 1824, with conserved type, F. saxonica Rabenhorst (see ICBN 1961, p. 208, ref. 006910). Six species are described in Rabenhorst 1853 p. 50, and no type is designated. Frustulia Rabenhorst was first conserved with Frustulia rhomboides (Ehrenberg) De Toni as the type, following Boyer's lectotypification of Frustulia Agardh (Boyer 1927, p. 300, ref. 000946). However, F. rhomboides was not one of the six species originally included in the genus by Agardh or one of the six species included in Rabenhorst's treatment of the genus and hence not eligible for selection as type. Frustulia saxonica Rabenhorst, which was listed by Boyer as a synonym of F. rhomboides, was selected instead by the Special committee for Algae (P. Silva, pers. com.), and this correction first appeared in ICBN 1961, p. 208 (ref. 006910).
Published in

Rabenhorst, L. 1853  (ref. 772)

Die Süsswasser-Diatomaceen (Bacillarien) für Freunde der Mikroskopie.

Eduard Kummer, Leipzig. 72 pp., 9 pls.