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Vanheurckia A. de Brebisson 1868, pg. 201
Generitype LT: Vanheurckia lewisiana (R.K. Greville 1863) A. de Brebisson 1869 (=Frustulia lewisiana Greville 1863)
Designated by Taxon (1), 95-97 (006922)
Year Designated 1952
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Vanheurckia Brébisson 1868 was treated as a nom. rej. in the Paris Code (ICBN 1956, p. 200, ref. 006916) where Frustulia was conserved as of Grunow 1865, but became a possible later synonym (and was no longer rejected) when the place of publication of the conserved name was taken back to Rabenhorst 1853 (ICBN 1961, p. 208, ref. 006910). Six species originally included, no type designated in original publication. The only species illustrated is V. viridula Bréb. Farr et al. (1979) give date of 1868 (while date of 1864 is printed on the cover page of the Journal). The name first appeared (as a nomen nudum) in Mouchet 1868 (ref. 006356), p. 106.
Published in

Brébisson, A. de. 1869  (ref. 1107)

Extrait d'un Essai Monographique sur les Vanheurckia, nouveau genre appartenant à la tribu des Diatomacées Naviculées

Annales de la Société Phytologique et Micrographique de Belgique, Vol:1, 201-206, 1 pl.