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Pseudo-nitzschia H. Peragallo in H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo 1900, pg. 263, 298
Generitype T: Pseudo-Nitzschia seriata (P.T. Cleve) H. Peragallo in H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo (= Nitzschia seriata P.T. Cleve
Designated by Fryxell et al. (006796), p. 243
Year Designated 1991
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions Hasle 1965 (ref. 002452)
Comments Several species are illustrated in the Atlas (H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo 1899, ref. 001054) on pl. 72, fig. 25-28, but no generic description was provided in association with these illustrations. The validating description was subsequently published, in Part 2 of the Text (H. Peragallo & M. Peragallo 1900, ref. 000733), p. 298. Part II was published between 1899 and 1901 according to Stafleu & Cowan 1983 (ref. 007024); pp. 263, 268 of Part II were published in 1900 according to Farr et al. (1979). The genus name is spelled Pseudo-Nitzchia on p. 298 and Pseudo-Nitzschia on p. 263 and pl. 72. Two species were originally included, Pseudo-nitzschia sicula (Castr.) Perag. (plus var. bicuneata and var. migrans) and Pseudo-Nitzschia seriata (Cleve) Perag. (plus var. fraudulenta); no type was originally designated. Fryxell et al. (1991) (ref. 006796) treated this genus as a section of Nitzschia and typified it with Nitzchia seriata. See also Hasle (1965) (ref. 002452), p. 7, who emended the description of Pseudo-Nitzschia.
Published in

Peragallo, H. and Peragallo, M. 1897-1908  (ref. 733)

Diatomées Marines de France et des Districts Maritimes Voisins. Text.

J. Tempère (ed.), Micrographe-Editeur, à Grez-sur-Loing (S.-et-M.). 491 pp. + 48 pp.