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Diatomella R.K. Greville 1855, pg. 259
Generitype T: Diatomella balfouriana (W. Smith) R.K. Greville 1855 (= Grammatophora? balfouriana W. Smith MSS)
Designated by ICBN 1956 (ref. 006916), p. 200
Year Designated 1956
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions Makarova 1968 (ref. 006128), Voigt 1957 (ref. 001908)
Comments Originally monotypic. Name conserved vs. Disiphonia Ehrnberg 1854 (nom. rej., taxonomic synonym) (see ICBN 1956, p. 200, ref. 006916). Originally monotypic. This genus was mentioned as new but not described or illustrated in Greville 1855 (ref. 001237) p. 9.
Published in

Greville, R.K. 1855  (ref. 1238)

Report on a collection of Diatomaceae made in the district of Braemar by Professor Balfour and Mr. Gerge Lawson.

Annals and Magazine of Natural History, 2nd series,, Vol:15, 252-261, pl. IX