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Denticella C.G. Ehrenberg 1838, pg. 210
Generitype T: Denticella aurita C.G.Ehrenberg 1838 (= Diatoma auritum H.C. Lyngbye 1819) = Odontella aurita (auritum) C.A. Agardh 1832
Designated by Ehrenberg, C.G.(000288)
Year Designated 1838
Nomenclatural status valid/superfluous
Recent revisions
Comments Nomenclatural synonym of Odontella Agardh 1832. Denticella mentionned p. 210 in section called "Nachtrag zur Gattung Isthmia". Ehrenberg says: "I label Diatoma auritum as Denticella aurita because of its close relationship with Isthmia and its serrated shell...etc." Latin description also given by Ehrenberg. Accepted by Farr et al. 1979 as validly published.
Published in

Ehrenberg, C.G. 1838  (ref. 288)

Die Infusionsthierchen als vollkommene Organismen. Ein Blick in das tiefere organische Leben de Natur

Verlag von Leopold Voss, Leipzig pp. 1-xvii, 1-548, pls. 1-64.