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Leudugeria J. Tempere ex H. Van Heurck 1896, pg. 539
Generitype T: Leudugeria janischii (Grunow) J. Tempere ex H. Van Heurck 1896 (= Euodia janischii A. Grunow 1883)
Designated by Van Heurck (001895)
Year Designated 1896
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions
Comments Type by monotypy. The name is first introduced In Tempère 1893 (ref. 001895) as Leudugeria Tempère 1893, in a list of diatom genera (p. 19), with no description provided. This genus became validly published in Van Heurck 1896 (ref. 000897), p. 539, where it is presented as Leudugeria Tempère 1893 (p. 539), with a description and an illustration; Van Heurck indicates that there is only one species L. janischii (Gr.) Temp.
Published in

Van Heurck, H. 1896  (ref. 897)

A Treatise on the Diatomaceae. Translated by W.E. Baxter.

William Wesley & Son, London. 558 pp., 35 pls.