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Staurosira C.G. Ehrenberg 1843, pg. 45
Generitype LT: Staurosira construens C.G. Ehrenberg
Designated by Williams & Round (003171), p. 272
Year Designated 1888
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions Williams and Round 1987 (#003171)
Comments Farr et al. (1979) give authorship as above. SVL gives authorship as Ehrenberg 1843, p. 424 (ref. 000294). Round, Crawford & Mann 1990, p. 354, incorrectly give authorship as Staurosira (C.G. Ehrenberg) D.M. Williams & F.E. Round 1987 (Diat. Res. 2:272) (ref. 003171). This name seems to have first appeared in Ehrenberg 1841 (ref. 001180), p. 144, as a nomen nudum; 2 species were listed p. 144, Staurosira construens and Staurosira pinnata, but no descriptions were given either for the genus or for the species. In Ehrenberg 1843 (ref. 001183) p. 45 there is a discussion in German about the genus Staurosira (and other genera), which qualifes as a description; 2 species are listed on p. 44: Staurosira construens and Staurosira trigongyla, and no type is designated. In Ehrenberg 1843 (ref. 000294) p. 424 (136 of reprint) there are Latin descriptions for Staurosira amphilepta, Staurosira construens, and Staurosira pinnata. In this paper Staurosira was not part of the section starting p. 112, describing new genera. These observations are somewhat inconsistant with Williams and Round (1987) stating: "Ehrenberg described three species belonging to Staurosira before giving a description of the genus. However, later when he described Staurosira, he referred only "construens" to it, thus making it the generitype. Ehrenberg's generic description was brief and dealt with the distinctive shape of Staurosira construens: Testula minima, laevis, angulis productis, duobus oppositis longioribus tenuioribus" (this actually is word for word the description of S. amphilepta in Ehrenberg 1843, ref. 000294). It it not clear which 2 papers Williams and Round are referring to, they seem to be perhaps ref. 001183 and ref. 000294. Staurosira construens seems to have been first figured in Ehrenberg 1854 (ref. 000966)(Mikrog., pl. 5, II. fig. 23; pl. 16, I, fig. 23; pl. 39, III, fig. 110, etc.).
Published in

Ehrenberg, C.G. 1843  (ref. 1183)

Mittheilungen über 2 neue asiatische Lager fossiler Infusorien-Erden aus dem russischen Trans-Kaukasien (Grusien) und Sibirien

Bericht über die zur Bekanntmachung geeigneten Verhandlungen der Königlich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, Vol:1843, 43-49